Apple's offers Greek iCloud users free month
Apple's iCloud service is offline for many people around the world affecting services like phots, email, Find my iPhone and many more Apple

Apple's iCloud service is offline affecting services like Find my phone, email, photo backup and many more.

Apple's own services status page shows there has been a problem with the service since 7.30am on Thursday, 21 May, something which is confirmed by a spike in reports of problems to the website DownDetector.

While Apple is suggesting that "users may experience slower than normal response when using most iCloud services", some people reporting problems on social media suggest the problem goes further than that:

iCloud is Apple's backup service which iPhone, iPad and Mac users use to store contacts, photos and documents as well as using it as a way of tracking the location of their devices.

The current problem is affecting 11 separate Apple services according to the company's own status page. These are:

Back to My Mac, Documents in the Cloud, Find my iPhone, iCloud sign-in, iCloud Backup, iCloud Drive, iCloud Keychain, iMovie Theatre, iWork for Cloud beta and Photos.

There is no explanation for the current problems being experienced.

In March, Apple's iTunes and App Store suffered a major outage for which the company apologised.