Hot off the heels of Viola Davis's success at the 2015 Emmys, Apple has given fans another epic moment. Grammy winner Mary J Blige, and Emmy-nominated actresses Taraji P Henson and Kerry Washington have teamed up in a new advert to promote Apple Music's new service, Mixtape.

In the 80-second clip directed by award-winning film-maker Ava DuVernay, the three stars meet up for a girlie catch up and it opens with Washington and Henson walking up the drive to Blige's home.

As they make their way to the door, the music gets louder leading Henson to ask "Wait a minute, wait a minute. Is that Slick Rick?" before she and the Scandal star start dancing. Their routine is soon interrupted by Blige who opens the door to get in on the action.

The trio then make their way into the house where Blige explains she is no longer has to spend hours making mixtapes because Apple has a new service that creates playlists and mixtapes based on the user's moods and preferences.

The promo, which is the first in a series to be rolled out this week starring Henson, Blige and Washington, ends with the tag: 'Instant boyfriend mixtape service'. It premiered midway through the Emmys on 20 September.

Taking to Twitter, DuVernay, who is behind the civil rights movie Selma, raved about her time working with the 'queens'.

"So it," one fan said. Another highlighted the fact that three successful black women starred in a mainstream advert saying: "Love that they are featured in the commercial. STRATEGY! Already see that its working."

Apple unveiled its music-streaming service in June and offered users a free three-month trial, which will end in September for those who signed up when the streaming service was first released.

Watch the advert here: