Apple logo is seen on the Apple store at The Marche Saint Germain in Paris
Apple might soon stop offering customer service support via its social media platforms. Reuters

Apple is reportedly planning to stop providing Customer Support on social media platforms including Twitter and YouTube. Moreover, the company is expected to end customer support on the Apple Support Community website starting later this year.

Multiple sources familiar with the matter have told MacRumors that Apple customers may not be able to get direct support from the tech giant's employees on social media platforms.

Furthermore, the report suggests Apple is planning to stop all human replies to customer direct messages @AppleSupport Twitter account starting October 1, 2023. Reportedly, customers will receive an automated reply with information about how they can contact Apple for assistance.

Moreover, Apple will stop providing technical help through comments on YouTube videos on its support channel. The Cupertino-based technology firm will also discontinue the paid Community Specialist position within its Support Community.

To those unaware, Apple Support Community alludes to an online forum where customers seek guidance. While it is still unclear why Apple might be doing this, the decision is expected to affect customers, as well as employees.

When could this change take effect?

As expected, employees who work in these roles are likely to face uncertainty as far as their future is concerned. According to the report, Apple employees affected by this decision will have an opportunity to transition to a phone-based support role in the company.

Still, the sources claim some advisors are unable to (or unwilling) to make the switch. Also, Apple is restricting employees from switching to another chat-based support role in the company unless there are medical justifications.

Understandably, this has caused discontent among members of the social media support team. It is worth noting that Apple has offered customer support through Twitter for more than 6 years.

The tech firm reportedly announced its decision to end Twitter support in a recently concluded meeting with employees.

Apple is making some big decisions

According to MacRumors sources, the company claims customers prefer phone-based support. While Apple is still mum about this, the tech behemoth has been making big decisions lately. For instance, Apple decided to move iPhone production to India in a bid to reduce its reliance on China last month.

On top of that, Apple is reportedly planning to equip its much-awaited iPhone 15 series with newfangled features. Among a slew of other noteworthy changes, the company is reportedly set to oust the mute switch on iPhone 15 Pro models in favour of a new Action Button.

Apple will probably confirm or deny these speculations ahead of the iPhone 15 series launch next month.