Apple is now believed to be storing personal data of its users in China, according to a report by Reuters. The report says that the data of these Chinese customers is located on servers in China. Apple says that by storing this data, they will be able to improve the speed and quality of its iCloud service.

Owing to China's censorship and privacy regulations, companies like Google have avoided storing user data in the country. However, this move by Apple is a departure from that policy by technology companies.

"Apple takes user security and privacy very seriously," the report said. "We have added China Telecom to our list of data centre providers to increase bandwidth and improve performance for our customers in mainland china. All data stored with our providers is encrypted. China Telecom does not have access to the content," the report added.

According to PhoneArena, the data is being stored on servers owned by China Telecom. "Despite this, Apple claims that the carrier cannot access the information kept on its own machines."

The company says that encryption keys connected to the data being stored will be kept offshore and will not be made available to China Telecom. However, if the Chinese government makes a request for the data, tech companies are usually expected to comply with their demands.