Apple's next high-profile event is pegged for September and the tech industry already speculated as to what will be announced. Much like its Worldwide Developers Conference 2020 (WWDC 2020) last month, the upcoming presentation will likely be done online as well. Many already know that the iPhone 12 series will be the highlight of the show, but it seems that a new iPad might debut alongside a game-changing technology. Sources claim that this was detailed in a patent submitted by the company.

Over the years, the manufacturer has upgraded its tablet lineup to become versatile platforms for entertainment and productivity. There's the standard iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. The latter is aimed at professionals who work with digital content creation such as music, videos, and graphics. Aside from its beefier chipset, perhaps the biggest feature comes in the form of the Apple Pencil.

Based on the information gleaned from official documents, a new functionality could turn the accessory into a powerful tool. According to a report from Patently Apple, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently published a patent application that involves a colour detecting system. It appears to be integrated with a new version of the Apple Pencil.

Cutting-edge sensors would apparently allow the device to capture colours from real-world objects accurately, which is then transferred to the iPad or other compatible devices. This would be possible through an array of photodetectors along with light-emitting components. The images included show that it will be housed within the rear section of the active stylus.

If the technology would eventually see production, it would possibly make Apple's productivity platforms very desirable for professionals who deal with multimedia-related work. Meanwhile, the patent likewise illustrates health-based measurements that could assess protein, ketones, glucose, and pH levels on medical test strips.

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
The Apple Pencil is a stylus which can be used to draw on the iPad Pro screen IBTimes UK

With the company pushing for more health-monitoring features on its devices, it is possible to see this implemented soon. In a related report, Apple is rumoured to launch a cheaper iPad Air in 2020. The slate will approximately retail for $500 and will be equipped with an A13 Bionic chipset. This was also hinted earlier by renowned supply chain insider Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities.