Apple products are known to create a lot of buzz before they finally get an official release date. The speculations and rumour mills surrounding these products often boost the hype around the product by envisaging what the product will offer and when it will finally hit the stores.

We have already witnessed the release of two such products this year - the new iPad and the new Apple TV - in March. The Cupertino tech giant is poised to release a plethora of glittering products in the coming months and the focus now shifts to a set of new devices, besides significant software upgrades.

The overwhelming buzz and hype surrounding every Apple product release is driven by the ever-active rumour mills, which often bring a new twist to the tale and keep the prospective consumer guessing. Although only a few of those rumours actually turn out to be true, it doesn't stop the general public from lapping up all the hype and suppositions.

The iPhone 4S does not really look all that very different from its predecessor - the iPhone 4. Therefore, the dreams that the late former Apple former and Chief Executive, Steve Jobs, may have had of revamping the next-gen iPhone's design elements could come true with the next model.

Traditionally, Apple's product (hardware) releases are usually accompanied by upgrades to the operating systems and other associated software. This suggests the next iPhone could come with the new iOS 6.

Meanwhile earlier rumours hinted the next-gen phone would adopt a teardrop design. That rumour seems to have been dismissed with more recent reports suggesting a symmetrical shape with an aluminum rear panel reinforced by glossy plastic or rubberized bezel. There are also reports the new phone will sport a unibody design similar to the MacBook.

Check out brief features of five of Apple's most expected releases for 2012 - the iPhone 5; the next upgrade for iOS - iOS 6; the Macbook Pro; Apple smart TV - iPanel; and iTunes 11.

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