Appe iPhone Release Date Countdown: All Evidence Points to Disappointment with the iPhone 4S, Not iPhone 5
With Apple's iPhone media event just hours away, evidence has emerged indicating Apple fans may be disappointed, with it looking like Tim Cook will unveil the modified iPhone 4S, not the next-generation iPhone 5. MacRumors

With Apple's media event confirmed for next Tuesday, analysts and consumers alike have once again questioned whether the company will unveil a truly next-generation iPhone 5 or a slightly updated iPhone 4S.

The Oct. 4 event was confirmed Tuesday when a number of sites leaked images of the invitation. The invitation carried the tag-line, "lets talk iPhone," confirming Apple would be unveiling something relating to its iPhone series of devices.

The invitation follows a slew of conflicting reports by the world's media regarding Apple's next entry into its iPhone franchise. Despite the lack of official word from Apple, there are currently two prominent theories regarding the direction it will take for its next iPhone.

The first suggests that the company will attempt to break into the currently Android-dominated affordable smartphone market with an updated budget version of its current iPhone 4 handset.

The second theory suggests that Apple is set to release a truly next-generation iPhone. Labelled the iPhone 5, the exact details of what changes and upgrades will be made to the device to improve it past Apple's current iPhone 4 vary Web site to Web site.

Some speculate that Apple may unveil both devices, citing an off-the-cuff comment from Apple board member Al Gore.

The Next Web reported recently that Al Gore had revealed that, in line with most current rumours, Apple planned to release "new iPhones" in October. The plural was taken as further evidence that Apple planns to release two new iPhone devices.

Apple are yet to confirm or deny any of the rumours.