Apple iOS 17
Apple iOS 17 could reposition iPhone's End Call button. Pixabay

Apple is prepping to move the End Call button on your iPhone in iOS 17 beta. The word on the street is that the American tech behemoth is planning to introduce several new features and some major changes with iOS 17.

For instance, iOS 17 will add a new Check-In safety feature that automatically notifies a user's friends and family members when they've safely reached their destination. Also, the new mobile OS will bring big changes to the iPhone including NameDrop, Live Voicemail, StandBy mode, and more.

Now, the company's decision to move six buttons to a different location on the screen is taking the internet by storm. Currently, the End Call button is placed apart from other call functions like mute, speaker, keypad, and contacts.

Apple iOS 17: New changes, major updates expected

The End Call button is placed centrally towards the lower part of the screen. With the arrival of iOS 17, the red icon is slated to move to the right. In fact, there is a possibility Apple might move other buttons downwards to align with the End Call button.

This was originally spotted by the folks at Gizmodo in the iOS 17 beta 5 version. The outlet even shared screenshots of the newly positioned End Call button. However, it is worth noting that this change has only been spotted in the beta version thus far.

So, it is unclear whether the change will roll out in the stable version, which is set to arrive in September. In the screenshot, the End Call button has been moved to the right, while its original spot has been occupied by the FaceTime button. So, iPhone users could accidentally start a FaceTime call.

Aside from this, Apple has removed the Contacts button and swapped around the Audio and Mute buttons. However, iPhone users who take calls only once or twice a week do not need to worry about these small changes, according to a Tom's Guide report.

Those who make more calls, on the other hand, are likely to find Apple's decision to reposition the End Call button slightly irritating to get used to. On the other hand, iOS 17 is expected to boast an impressive array of other features that will give Apple fans something to cheer about.

Apple iOS 17 expected launch, features

To recap, Apple announced the iOS 17 at its WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2023 event. The tech giant even showcased its upcoming software's key features during the event. Next, Apple made the iOS 17 developer beta available.

Some developers installed the beta and tested their applications on the new iOS version. About a month later, Apple released the public beta of iOS 17, giving Apple device owners the chance to install and explore the update. However, the stable release of the firmware will reportedly only be made available to users in September.

Moreover, iOS 17 will bring a slew of awe-inspiring features to iPhones. If past leaks turn out to be true, iPhones will get sticker packs, Health app updates, Messages app improvements, and additions to FaceTime. Also, iOS 17 will bring notable changes to the keyboard and Standby mode.

Other notable upcoming features include Contact Posters, Live Voicemail, NameDrop, Interactive Widgets, New Journal app, Live Speech, and Personal Voice. However, some iOS 17 features will not be available for users at launch. Reportedly, the Journal app and Apple Music's Collaborative playlists are slated to roll out a little later.

What is the Journal app?

Apple says the Journal app will introduce a new way to "appreciate life and preserve memories." The app will use machine learning to recommend moments users might want to remember. According to Apple, the Journal app will be available "later this year." It is not yet available in the iOS 17 beta.

Apple Music's Collaborative playlists

Apple Music will start supporting collaborative playlists with the new OS this year. Moreover, iOS 17 will enable users to invite friends to join a playlist. Anyone added to the playlist will be able to add songs, reorder, and delete them,

They can also use emoji to react to the songs shown on the Now Playing screen. Regrettably, the first iOS 17 release does not support the ability to create collaborative playlists in Apple Music. Apple has confirmed that the feature will arrive "later this year." Also, the New AirDrop features might not be available at launch.