As smart wearables start to focus on health-related features on top of sleek aesthetics, this makes it more appealing for consumers. While every other tech brand is focusing on reworking its designs, Apple has been sticking to a similar form factor ever since. The market is already seeing the fifth-generation model of the Apple Watch, and reports about its fall detection feature saving lives are encouraging consumers to own one. In fact, just recently, a New Jersey man almost died if not for his smartwatch calling for help.

As detailed by a report from 9to5Mac, two hikers James Prudenciano and his date Paige Paruso were allegedly hiking in Hartshorne Woods Park in New Jersey. Due to poor visibility at that time being sunset already, the couple apparently made the decision to take a different route. What they thought was just a short cliff ended up being a drop-off to the river down below. In an interview, Prudenciano stated, "we got to the bottom and that's when it was life or death."

I inadvertently tested the fall detection feature of my @Apple watch today, by falling off the back step. It works. A few bumps on scratches on both me and the watch.

— 💧 Mountain Goat (@MissyMooMoo71) October 20, 2019

Both hikers fell into the Navesink River, but only James was unfortunate enough to land on rocks thereby fractured his back in three places. Paige, on the other hand, only had minor injuries. Thankfully, the fall detection feature of his Apple Watch Series 4 was activated. The incident triggered the emergency functions and it contacted 911 immediately when there was no response from the user.

God was looking out for me y’all

(psa your Apple Watch will dial 911 and send your location to them if you turn on your hard fall detection which def came in handy for me)

— becca☻ (@rebecca_meador) October 16, 2019

Shortly thereafter, the emergency responders were able to rescue both hikers. The fall detection feature made its debut on the Apple Watch Series 4 and subsequently on the Series 5. It was originally intended to monitor older users, who can be injured by a hard fall. After its sensors register any sudden motion that qualifies as a possible fall, it will prompt the user to confirm if they are okay. If there is no response within the allowable timeframe, the smartwatch will immediately contact emergency services.

My mom asked me to wear an Apple Watch because of the fall detection, it makes her feel better (I live alone). You can set who it calls when you fall. Mine did go off last week when I fell up the stairs (ugh), I was ok so just hit button and it didn’t call anyone.

— Karen Kasonic (@kkasonic) October 14, 2019

Last month, a related report also detailed how a user who was knocked unconscious in an accident while cycling was saved by his Apple Watch. Moreover, there are other articles that highlight similar cases wherein the fall detection function saved lives.

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