April Fool's Day

It's that time of the year to think up ingenious and borderline crazy ideas on how to prank your friends this 1 April. Drive them crazy with confusing programmes on their computers that keep leading to "fans of kittens" websites, post a fake obituary in the local newspaper or simply make a series of prank calls that announce jackpot wins.

Play jester or the fool but sarcasm is the comedy of the age so this April Fools' Day, let it have free reign with some of these bitingly comic e-cards.

For pranksters:

Whether you're sending a forewarning or simply sending an aftermath greeting, these cards from someecards are sure to lighten the mood and, hopefully, get your victims to forgive you.

For those who always end up being pranked:

Get ready... to not believe anything today. Check the screws on your chair before you sit, read up on how to reverse annoying apps on your phone and pack that pinch of salt you're going to require through the day.