Thanksgiving Day Parade
April Fools' Day is celebrated on the 1 April. Reuters

Beware all - the day that serial pranksters the world over have been waiting for is almost upon us.

Traced back to the 16th century, April Fools' Day, celebrated on 1 April, brings with it boat-loads of tomfoolery, chaos and hilarious stories of practical jokes gone horribly wrong.

Simply put, it is one of the foolish days of the year, depending on whether you are the prankster or the red-faced victim.

If you want to get back at a mischievous friend, or are just keen to get in on the action this time around, IBTimes UK has compiled a list of pranks that you may just want to try out on unsuspecting colleagues, friends or loved ones- if you are brave enough.

Disclaimer: Your target may experience emotions including anger, frustration and embarrassment.

Soap on toothbrush

Is your friend constantly dropping F-bombs like their life depended on it? Help them clean out their mouth by putting some soap on the toothbrush.

For optimal results add a quirt of shower gel at least an hour before they brush their teeth. By then it would have dried and they will no suspect a thing.


The sugar/salt trick

This is an oldie but a goodie and works wonders with tea lovers. Simply put salt in the sugar pot and what their face distort in utter disgust.

Marker moustache

Remember that Friends episode when Ross drew a moustache on Rachel with a permanent marker? She eventually saw the funny side and if you are lucky your other half might too.

Just a few things to consider: 1) Is her image important in her line of work? 2) Will she kill you? 3) Does she have skin allergies?

Parking ticket prank

Most drivers hate returning to their car to find a parking fine on their windscreen. Duplicating a ticket is easy thanks to all the images online. Just print off, pop in a plastic sleeve, and hey presto you have yourself a joke that will drive them up the wall.

Parking Ticket

Latherless soap

Confuse your victim by painting a bar of soap with clear nail varnish so that getting hands clean becomes impossible.

Clingfilm on toilet seat

This one is particularly disgusting - but should serve as a lesson if your other half loves leaving the toilet seat up. All you need is a roll of cling film and some household gloves. Lift the lid and cover the bowl ensuring that it's nice and firm so it won't be obvious that there is anything on there. He will be in a for a surprise next time he goes to the loo.

Siri's betrayal

This is another prank that will require a few minutes with the victim's iPhone but will leave them perplexed for hours. Hold down the home button on their iPhone and say "Call me (insert name here)" and confirm the change once Siri responds.

Apple change voicemail with Siri
Apple's virtual assistant Siri Reuters

Mayonnaise cupcakes

Cake lovers will hate you for this but by the time they realise it will be too late. Simply bake some fresh cupcakes but instead of icing top them of with some may. Evil right?

Cracked screen

Ruin your colleague's day by tricking them into believing that their computers screen has cracked. In order to pull this off you will need to download a reasonably high-resolution image of a cracked screen before setting it as a screensaver on their computer, making sure it is set to activate after 30-60 seconds. Make it more convincing by unplugging their mouse and keyboard.

Garlic in jacket

Sew some discrete pouches of garlic in their suit jacket and watch as everyone turns up their nose all day.