If your car is lacking a little "oomph", UK automaker Arash might have just the vehicle for you. The Arash AF10 comes with a monstrous 2,080 brake horsepower (bhp) engine under the hood, complete with a "warp drive" system that allows the car to do 0-60mph in a heart-stopping 2.8 seconds.

"That's really, really, really, really fast," says Arash by way of elaboration. The company is showing off the AF10 at this year's Geneva Motor Show, which takes place from 3 to 13 March. The hybrid supercar's so-called warp drive consists of four electric motors and one V8 petrol engine, totalling 1,180bhp and 900bhp respectively and weighing in at 120kg. As a result, Arash suggests the AF10 "has more spaceship DNA than car".

"The petrol engine is a V8 with a compact supercharger mounted inside its v cavity. No need for a large surface mounted pump – it all sits low and cools itself well with a built in charge cooler," reads the company's website. "This engine again is simplified and lightened by using two valves per piston – makes the head size compact. All rotating parts are below your waist when seated in the car – crank, piston, gearbox bits, clutch. That [gives] AF10 a great go cart feel."

The car's chassis, meanwhile, consists of a strong but light carbon-fibre shell that Arash says is the same stuff used in Formula 1 and endurance sports cars. The AF10 tops out at a speed of just over 200mph.

All that power comes at a cost, though. Auto Express reports that prices for the AF10 start at £350,000 for the basic, 550bhp V8 model. Alternatively, the Arash will throw in the warp drive alongside a rollcage, fire extinguisher, intercom and racing overalls, provided you're happy to cough up £1.2m ($1.7m, €1.5m).