ArcaBoard: The first realistic, turbine-powered hoverboard showcased in video Arca Space Corporation

Arca Space Corporation, a firm specialising in aerospace vehicles has recently unveiled its first realistic, turbine-powered hoverboard called ArcaBoard. The hoverboard, inspired by the film Back To The Future, is powered by 36 electric ducted fans and lithium-ion batteries.

Its motor, packs quite a punch with 272 horsepower that helps in airlifting the ArcaBoard up to one foot above the ground. With a flight time of up to 6 minutes per single charge, the hoverboard can reach top speeds of 12.5mph (20kmph) when the rider's feet are completely steady on the board.

The ArcaBoard is quite loud and produced around 92dBm of audible noise when all its fans are running. Unlike self-balancing scooters or the Lexus Slide or Hendo that require special surfaces to function, the ArcaBoard has been reportedly tested on rocky terrain and water, and was found to provide a realistic hovering experience.

The movement of the board can be controlled via a smartphone app with an inbuilt stabilisation system. However, you can manually control the hoverboard as well, when the stabilisation feature is turned off. This can be accomplished by balancing your body weight on the side vehicle.

The ArcaBoard is likely to cost £13,350 ($20,000) coupled with an extra £4,590 for a rapid battery charging kit, which can recharge within 35 minutes as opposed to the standard power sources that take nearly six hours for a full recharge.

Arca has assured fans that the batteries of the hoverboard do not have overheating issues unlike the two-wheeled scooters that caught fire due to issues with their lithium-ion batteries, according to CNET.

ArcaBoard is currently up for pre-orders and is likely to start shipping from 15 April 2016. Meanwhile, check out the demo video of the ArcaBoard below: