Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of UFOs knows that America's southwestern states are a hotbed of alien activity. From Area 51 to the Phoenix Lights, it seems a combination of hot weather and the sparsely-populated topography allows people's imagination go wild.

Now a property is up for sale that virtually guarantees its residents the chance to meet with, and also apparently kill, visitors from another planet.

Arizona's Stardust Ranch, also known as "Alien Ranch" due to the numerous UFO sightings recorded there, is a 3,500 foot property situated just outside the state capital Phoenix. According to the listing it "is truly a one of a kind property with unlimited potential" and is being offered to buyers for $5m.

If it's peace and quiet you're looking for then this house may not be for you: owner John Edmonds says he has been forced to kill 18 extra-terrestrials with a samurai sword while living there.

If that doesn't put you off then the specifications are quite impressive: Built in 1977 it has five bedrooms, an RV charging station, four horse corals and a swimming pool.

John Edmonds first moved there with his wife 20 years ago to set up a horse sanctuary. However, ever since then they "have experienced a series of strange events that continue to this day."

In an image posted to Facebook, John even revealed an injury he sustained in battle in an encounter with a "malevolent alien."

John outlined his experiences in an interview with Travel Channel documentary 'Ghost Adventures' in 2016:

"When we moved in, the people we bought the house from hadn't moved out. They had just disappeared, and all their stuff was still in the house - so that was the very first thing."

Another traumatic incident happened when aliens caused his wife to levitate on top of his bed. "There was a cone of light, it came down, and she started to rise into that cone of light. I grabbed an AK-47 with a double banana clip in it, and I went outside and I opened up."

Edmonds describes the aliens as greys – big eyes, grey skin and a large head - closely resembling the typical representation in popular culture.

Having enough of the abuse, Edmonds is selling up and will set up a new horse sanctuary in Maine, hopefully this time unencumbered by the threat of alien attacks.

Alien ranch
Aerial view of Stardust ranch in Arizona WestUSA