Arrow Oliver Felicity
Oliver and Felicity went on a date in the season 3 premiere episode Arrow/The CW

The Arrow midseason finale featured an emotional moment between Oliver and Felicity.

Before leaving on a trial by combat with the League of Assassins leader, Felicity asks Oliver to kill Ra's al Ghul.

She tells Oliver that he is capable of doing it, but fears that he will not kill the League of Assassins leader, because of humanity.

Oliver then replies saying, he knows exactly two things about himself: "He will do whatever it takes to save his sister." When Felicity asks, "What's the other thing?" Oliver responds, "I love you".

Post this conversation, in a shocking ending to the midseason finale episode, Ra's al Ghul throws the Green Arrow off a cliff and his last thoughts while falling are that of Felicity.

With Oliver killed, the show will now get interesting as fans will want to see how Felicity would react to the news.

A new report in Tvline teases an emotional moment for Felicity played by Emily Bett Rickards.

She told the website that she had just wrapped up filming "a sad moment" for episode 10, which has left her "drained".

The midseason premier episode 10, will air on 21 January.

Previously producer Marc Guggenheim had said that in the same episode, David Ramsey "shot what I would describe as his most emotional scene… David breaks your heart with his performance."

The emotional scene could be the one where Felicity gets the news of Oliver's death.

It will be heart wrenching as Felicity was hurt when Oliver kept pushing her away throughout season 3, and now that he finally tells her that he's in love with her, she has lost him again.

But as reported earlier, Oliver Queen is not dead and is likely to re-appear in the ending episodes of season 3.

The Green Bow is alive as Lazarus Pit, which is also called the Fountain of Youth, will be introduced when the series returns in January.

Until then, we will have to wait and watch if Oliver and Felicity unite in season 3.