Arrow season 6
Oliver Queen is a single parent and also the mayor of Star City in Arrow season 6 CW

After a comparatively dull season 5, Arrow season 6 has re-attracted fans by adding more complexities to Oliver Queen's life as he juggles to raise his son William alone as a single parent and dealing with the new rogues as the mayor of Star City.

Following an unforgettable episode featuring the much-awaited Arrow and Felicity kiss (by finally making them an official couple), the CW thriller is set to introduce another big bad character in episode 6 titled Promises Kept.

Apart from getting back his lover, Oliver, who found it difficult to raise a son who he hardly knew, also decided to give up his vigilante title as the Green Arrow and handed over the job to Diggle (David Ramsey). But it appears the billionaire mayor may not stay away from his alter-ego for long as Diggy is only able to shoot after injected himself with a specific medication to stop his arm tremor.

Considering the plan the show creators have for Team Arrow in the future, it appears Oliver will don his vigilante avatar once again. In the upcoming episode, which is scheduled to air on 16 November, the show is set to introduce The Dragon, (played by Kirk Acevedo) a criminal kingpin who aims to steal "valuable tech" from the city.

The synopsis reads: As Slade (guest star Manu Bennett) continues to uncover clues about his son's last few years, Oliver (Stephen Amell) makes a big decision.

Meanwhile, the Green Arrow (David Ramsey) leads the team into battle against The Dragon, a villain who is stealing valuable tech in Star City.

As of now, Team Arrow will continue to face the wrath of Black Siren and Anatoly. Episode 4 titled Reversal will focus on the meta-human and a member of Prometheus' team will unleash another attack on the city.

The synopsis reads: Just as Oliver (Stephen Amell) starts to get things in order, Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) launches another attack on the citizens of Star City. Arrow season 6 airs every Thursday at 9 pm CT.