It looks like The CW's superhero series, The Flash season 4 is taking cues from hit Adult Film animation, Rick And Morty. The CW series will be exploring the multiverse to bring multiple versions of Harrison Wells together.

Borrowing an idea from Rick And Morty, where we have seen interdimensional time travel and council of Ricks – The Flash season 4 episode 6 will take a similar approach, and gather together many versions of Harrison Wells from across the multiverse to try and crack the identity of its new villain The Thinker.

This will happen in an episode titled When Harry Met Harry..., and it will air on 14 November at 8 pm EST. The official plot synopsis for the chapter reads as follows:

When collectors of Native American artifacts are attacked by a meta named Mina Chayton (guest star Chelsea Kurtz) who can bring inanimate objects to life, Barry (Grant Gustin) turns to a surprising ally for help. Determined to crack the identity of The Thinker, Harry (Tom Cavanagh) enlists Cisco's (Carlos Valdes) help to summon the ultimate think tank: "The Council of Wells'," a roundtable of the brightest Harrison Wells' from various Earths.

In Rick and Morty, The Council of Ricks was formed by Ricks from various universes who sought to protect themselves from their many enemies across realities.

The main Rick of the show is a bit of a rogue and acts outside their regulation, and the council have been often portrayed as an antagonist group to Rick and Morty since Season 1. It will be interesting to see how The Flash will deal with the "Council of Wells."

Actor Tom Cavanagh, who's already played seven different versions of Wells, confirmed back in July that The Flash Season 4 would explore even more versions of the character.

Cavanagh said at San Diego Comic-Con, "We're going to start with Harry. And then find a way, I think, to try and get a different version of Wells in there, be it some version of Harry or whatnot, as the season's gaps present themselves."

The 53-year-old said that the decision of which Wells will appear on the show depended on the season's overall tone.

"In Season 2, it was like, 'Maybe if we had a jackass who has no social skills and is abrasive.' And then that was Harry. And then in Season 3, we had a lot of darker storylines," he explained.

"So like, 'Maybe we add a little more humor' and that was HR. And so this year, we've had a different villain, [The Thinker], and so I think there's going to be areas that we could use a different Wells," the actor added.

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