Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger insists on looking forward to taking on bottom-of-the-table Leicester City rather than looking back at the 2-1 defeat by north London rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

Leicester, with Nigel Pearson in charge despite speculation he has been sacked as the manager, play Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday 10 February. The Gunners will be hoping to bounce back from their Spurs loss as Leicester have not won at Arsenal for nearly 42 years and have been beaten there on their last seven league visits.

Wenger consigned the derby defeat on 7 February to the past with his reference to "memories".

"I think what you focus just on is your team," Wenger told reporters at the team's training ground. "How you can put your team in a position to respond and quickly and get down with your job because we have a very important period in front of us with the Champions League, the Premiership and the FA Cup, so it is important that the team responds very well and very quickly. It is not about memories, it about how we play tomorrow."

Wenger described Leicester City as looking "like a team that plays in the Premier League and fights to survive in the Premier League that means it demands a complete focus from us and a response as well very strongly to our defeat on Saturday".

The Arsenal manager welcomed Alexis Sanchez back from injury.

Wenger said: "He's our best goalscorer and one of our hardest-working players in the team. Physically, I think we suffered a little bit on Saturday so it is good to have him back."