Pranksters who carried out three pitch invasions at White Hart Lane have threatened to pull the same stunt at Arsenal or Chelsea.

Members of a group called Trollstation brought the match between Spurs and Partizan Belgrade last night to a temporary halt with their antics.

As a result, the north London club now faces an investigation by Uefa into the disruption.

On Friday (28 November), Trollstation took to Twitter and suggested members will pull the same stunt at other big-name clubs in London.

The tweet read:

However, it is unlikely the tweet was issued by the three men who invaded the White Hart Lane pitch as they were still in police custody on Friday morning.

A Scotland Yard spokesman told IBTimes UK: "Three men were arrested under the Football Offences Act for entering the playing surface. They remain in custody."

The implication is the pitch invaders could be part of a bigger group of pranksters and that fellow members could carry out future pitch invasions.

Also dragged into the incident was a headphones manufacturer called BassBuds, after the pitch invaders wore t-shirts featuring the company's name and logo.

The connection between Trollstation and BassBuds is unclear, but the company distanced itself from the stunt.