Former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Jamie Redknapp has called Arsenal's failures "boring" and predictable. The 42-year-old pundit watched Arsenal's 0-0 draw against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light, and subsequently blasted Arsene Wenger for once again failing to sustain a title challenge.

Arsenal have fallen short this season, having kept pace with the table-toppers for most of the campaign. Redknapp thinks how their title challenge has unravelled has been predictable.

"It's like Groundhog Day," Redknapp told Sky Sports. "We've seen so many games like that from Arsenal, where they seem to run out of ideas, look like they're waiting for something to happen. When Alexis Sanchez isn't on form, you wonder who's going to score. It looks like they're going to limp into the top four again and that, for me, is boring. They deserve better than that."

The former Spurs star urged Arsenal fans not to be hoodwinked into thinking they should be happy with a fourth-place finish. "You can't keep doing that and be brainwashed into thinking fourth is good enough. They should be doing more. They should be looking to win the title," Redknapp said.

"I know you can say Chelsea and Man United are still behind them but this was their big chance and, unfortunately, they've blown it."

Redknapp also insisted Wenger should not hide behind excuses for his team's shortcomings, and must look to sign new players during the summer transfer window. "He can talk about all the things outside the club – like Leicester being a freak season – but Arsenal have let themselves down this year and that has to come from the manager," Redknapp said.

"There comes a point when it becomes tiresome from a manager when you hear the same voice year in, year out. That works if you're winning, but if you're not, then there has to come a time when there has to be a change.

"I look at Arsenal and it's the same thing every single season. It gets boring for us talking about it. Why don't they buy more players in the window? They said Petr Cech would be the answer, and has he? Of course he hasn't. They need more than that.

"They need to defend better, they need a killer striker and they are all elements that, for me, Arsenal keep getting wrong year after year. This was their time to win it, and they'll never get a better one. It looks to me like Tottenham are going ahead of them and they need some players in the window."