An Asda supermarket has proven there is such a thing as a free (Christmas) lunch after the store gave away trolley-loads of vegetables to customers.

The store in Barry, Wales, took the initiative to offer the veg that had not been sold ahead of Christmas day, to local residents and homeless people.

Trolleys were filled with bags of carrots, broccoli, sprouts and parsnips with signs on them saying 'free' as shoppers were encouraged to help themselves to the free veg.

Shopper Aled Williams, 45, told Wales Online: "I was pleased to see Asda being proactive in offering free veg rather than just throwing it away. It is too easy for large companies just to throw this food and not think of the wider consequences, especially with so many people visiting food banks."

Explaining the reason for their generous gesture, a spokesperson for Asda told Metro: "We didn't want to see the final bags of veg in our Barry store go to waste, so took the decision to give them away. We hope they were enjoyed."

Asda said it is at the individual shop's discretion to decide what to do with food waste.