Ash vs Evil Dead season 2
Ash Williams and his nemesis Ruby forms an unlikely alliance Starz

Sam Raimi's Evil Dead universe will soon be back with Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 and this time the blood and gore will increase with Ashley "Ash" Williams all set to form an unlikely alliance with his season 1 nemesis Ruby Knowby to fight the Evil looming over his hometown.

Bruce Campbell, who plays the titular character in the horror comedy, has shared a hilarious image on his Twitter account explaining how Ash is preparing to slaughter some deadites with his chainsaw hand. "Ash has been burning the midnight oil, trying to get it just right. Words matter," he captioned the image where a few words do attract the attention of the readers. "The only thing we have to fear is a shitload of deadites."

Meanwhile, Starz has released the first teaser and poster of the upcoming season hinting at more gut-wrenching scenes focused on some blood-soaked comedy. Ash and his squad (Ruby, Pablo, and Kelly) prepare to save the world, which is slowly being taken over by the Evil.

According to the official synopsis, the team will go back to Ash's hometown Elk Grove, which is being swarmed by the deadites and only the alliance between Campbell and the mysterious Ruby can save the world.

Read the full synopsis here:

Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 will premiere in October this year.