Ash vs Evil Dead
Bruce Campbell will reprise his iconic role as the chainsaw-handed Ash in the upcoming horror series Starz

Ash vs Evil Dead will premiere this fall on Starz and show creator and director Sam Raimi has teased that in the series, Ashley Williams will be the "chosen one" who will stop the Deadites from wrecking havoc on Earth.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead, proceed at your own risk.

"He is the chosen one," Campbell told Screen Rant while explaining his character for the upcoming horror series.

"You know, this is kind of biblical, because – I think it's Job – there's some story in the Bible, that the Devil was like, 'OK, God, give me your best guy, and I'll give you my best guy, and we'll duke it out and we'll decide who's going to rule the Earth.' So God sends Job, just a schmo, and he's like, 'Hey, my worst guy can take your best guy'."

In the movie Evil Dead, Ash landed in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was chased by the Deadites and while escaping the ordeal his hand got infected with the same plague.

In order to survive, Ash chopped his off hand and later became the chainsaw-handed warrior as predicted in an ancient prophecy. Now, he holds the power to eliminate dangers from Earth.

The series begins 30 years after Ash awoke evil forces in the woods in the 1981 movie. Ash, the aging Lothario will be forced to fight the monsters who are now back to kill him. This will force him to wear his chainsaw-hand and fight to erase the Deadite plague that threatens to destroy all of mankind.

During his journey, Ash will meet Ruby, a mysterious figure who holds him responsible for the evil outbreak.

The first season of the horror comedy will have 10, 30-minute episodes.

"We were wondering which way to go; a lot of times the comedies are traditionally half-hours and dramas are traditionally hours. Ours falls somewhere in between," Sam Raimi told Cinema Blend about the reduced time slot of the highly anticipated series.

"And we never liked to use much of the backstory that often padded some of the later parts of the episode; we like to stick to the a-story, the action and Ash. We thought it would be much more fun and punchy to give the audience a bing-bang-pow with the demons and wrap it up and leave [fans] wanting for more at the half-hour mark."

The Starz original series Ash vs Evil Dead will premiering on 31 October.