With just one episode left for ABC's Bachelor In Paradise season 3 to conclude, fans can expect some exciting, emotional and unexpected twists in the upcoming episode of the two-part finale which will air on Tuesday (6 September). In the first part, which aired on Monday, fans got to see Ashley Iaconetti's request of losing her virginity to fellow contestant Wells Adams being denied.

In the second part of the finale, apart from the drama surrounding Iaconetti and Adams; Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton's relationship is expected to take a dramatic turn.

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The 31-year-old radio DJ was on a rejection spree in the first part of the finale and after sending Jami Letain home during the Rose ceremony he chose not to ask Shushanna Mkrtychyan to stay back. "A real man will come down and say, 'You're not going anywhere. I'm grabbing your hand, you're gonna go back with me because I want you there. People die, people lose their family and kids, and you're talking about some bulls--t love right now. It's so stupid," a crying Shushanna said on the show.

This gave a ray of hope to the 28-year-old freelance journalist, who wanted to lose her virginity to Adams. "If Wells doesn't F**k me tonight I'm going to the convent because I'm dying alone," she said.

Meanwhile, Nick Vial, the latest bachelor on the reality TV show added fuel to Iaconetti and Adams tale by saying, "If you [Adams] take her virginity, you will be a national treasure." Hence, the DJ rejected Ashley's advances and said that he would not sleep with a girl just after two dates as he is not sure where their relationship is going.

On the other hand, Andi Dorfman's former boyfriend Josh Murray is yet to propose to his ladylove Amanda Stanton. Josh wants his mother to meet the love of his life. His camera confession about his mother has sparked rumours that he may not propose to Shanton in Tuesday's episode.