Noel Biderman, CEO of extramarital website Ashley Madison, has had a lot of explaining to do in the wake of a massive data breach that revealed details of 37 million of the site's customers. He may now have even more to explain to his wife.

Dozens of emails belonging to the CEO leaked in a data dump on 20 August have been sifted to reveal close to 300 messages between the founder and a student suggesting the two were meeting up at hotels and for dates. Other emails hinted at Biderman paying for escort services.

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A report in BuzzFeed shows screenshots of multiple emails from his alleged affairs. In the first exchange in July 2012 a woman introduces herself to Biderman as "Melisa from the spa". In one of the late messages between the two she apologises for having to cancel a rendezvous with Biderman at a hotel.

"Hi Noel, I booked the novotel again at 3pm today, but I'm going to have to cancel it. I feel extremely guilt-ridden because of my boyfriend. He's very intuitive and almost found out last time. I'm sorry. I don't want to lose him. As much as I need the money. I talked to him this morning and my sense of guilt made me imagine that he knows. I know it's a lot to ask for but I was wondering if I could still borrow some money, maybe 1500...I know its quite a bit but I promise I will pay you back as soon as I find a job and save some. I love him and I couldn't look him in the eye if I went through with this. I'm sorry."

In a February 2014 interview with the NY Daily News Biderman said that he had never cheated on his wife and "If I wanted to have an affair, I would have one".

This may not sit well with his wife. In a 2013 interview on ABC's talkshow, "The View", Biderman's wife Amanda Biderman told the hosts that she "would be devastated" if her husband had an affair. But, she said, she would not blame the website. "Ashley Madison is not creating cheaters. It is servicing a need that is there, that exists. And unfortunately, it exists. It's sad."