A Communist Party MP who was attacked on live TV by Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, has condemned the party and called for voters to punish them at the upcoming Greek elections on 17 June.

Liana Kanelli, speaking to a crowd of supporters said:

"When you have a democracy that doesn't count one vote, one person, anybody can get in a parliament under this so-called democracy. The legitimacy comes out of the votes of the people. But be careful. There's a new generation that hasn't felt fascism, nazism on its back and on its heart. Now they start to understand. It's not golden and it's not dawn. It's darkness and it's black."

The speech comes after a heated TV debate on 7 June, in which the Neo-Nazi spokesman threw water over another politician, Rena Dourou, before slapping Kanelli three times in the face.

Police are now hunting down Ilias Kasidiaris and seek to arrest him on charges of grievous bodily harm.

Written and Narrated by Alfred Joyner