Meghan Markle should look forward to productive years up ahead with her success set to bring her even more fame according to a celebrity astrologer.

Speaking with the "To Di For Daily" podcast, Emile Adame said the stars are in the Duchess of Sussex's favour when it comes to her ventures. She and Prince Harry currently have multi-million deals with Spotify and Netflix to produce original content.

The 40-year old recently announced that her first Spotify podcast series called "Archetypes" will arrive in the summer. She is also working on an animated series titled "Pearl" about a little girl's journey that will feature iconic women in history.

Asked if her projects will be a success, Adame said, "I feel like the projects that they're involved in will be successful... and I see her becoming more famous...I do feel that they will be successful."

She predicts that Meghan Markle will have obtained "a lot of the goals that she set for herself within the public" in three years' time. She said that what makes them a success is because "there are people that do identify with her, they see her."

Adame explained, "You know, this was what you would consider a commoner who became a royal essentially and that story is fascinating to people. Also, I think people are really fascinated with just the curiosity of seeing what they're about."

The celebrity astrologer sees that the Duchess of Sussex will have "other projects coming too" and that "she's going to do a lot of things with some other very notable people." She added, "And even, I mean, when she's 42... there's a lot of energy around fame and projects in the public."

However, it will not be an easy road for the mum-of-two. There will be challenges including having her name continuously "being dragged down through the press."

Meghan Markle has had her share of legal battles with the British tabloids in the past which have since been resolved. Currently, she is facing accusations of defamation by her half-sister Samantha Markle over her Oprah interview. Adame said that the duchess may have the prestige and money but she is bound to have a "very challenging life path."

Pricne Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in New York for their first public appearance together since the birth of their daughter Lilibet Diana on June 4, 2021. Roy Rochlin/Getty Images