Yung Mazi shot
Yung Mazi is recovering in hospital after being shot for the 11th time on 27 December YouTube

Upcoming Atlanta rapper Yung Mazi is recovering in hospital after another shooting. The musician was reportedly shot in the chest at a Waffle House in the Buckhead part of the city on 27 December, making it the 11th time he has survived a shooting incident.

According to CBS News 46, Yung Mazi, real name Jabril A, was about to order at the fast-food restaurant located on the 3000 block of Piedmont Road when the shooting took place. The rapper was taken to Piedmont Hospital where he is currently said to be recovering from his injuries. Police have not released a description of the suspect and do not have anyone in custody.

Hours after the incident, a tweet posted on Yung Mazi's account reportedly read: "God made me bulletproof." It was quickly deleted. While recovering from another shooting in 2015, Yung Mazi said from his hospital bed: "I just got shot a couple more times. Three more times. It's nothing. We do it [mucho], man. I done got shot 10 times."

In May 2016, Yung Mazi released a new mixtape titled Physical Therapy in reference to his recovery from the previous shooting which left him in a wheelchair. Explaining the inspiration behind the project, the rapper told DJ Smallz in June: "The reason I named it Physical Therapy is because I just got shot up again, I've been shot 10 times. I was just in a wheelchair... I [couldn't] walk on my foot and stuff didn't work so I can't really run."

Asked why he keeps getting shot, Yung Mazi replied: "Look at me, for one. I'm a red dude, people don't always like the red dude for some reason. That's cool, I'm not hating or mad. Then, I might walk around with a quarter million-dollar-worth of jewellery on."

Yung Mazi is best known for his work with Kevin Gates and is a part of the rapper's Bread Winners Association. On his website, he reveals that one shooting incident left him "temporarily brain damaged" and "almost [ended] his life".

He explains: "When the bullet hit me in the head it greatly affected me. I had to learn how to read, write and speak all over again. I'm still not 100% right. I tried doing my daughter's elementary school homework and it was hard. I couldn't count money. My brother had to send text messages for me from my phone. It was deep."

Watch Yung Mazi discuss his 10th shooting incident: