A woman has filed an urgent appeal after a judge in Australia ordered her against breastfeeding her baby after getting tattoos.

The 20-year-old had gotten tattoos four weeks ago and the court orders came as she was trying to gain custody of her 11-month-old baby boy from her husband.

Giving out the orders, Federal Circuit Court judge Matthew Myers said: "Looking at perhaps the benefit to the child, who is 11 months old, breastfeeding, as opposed to what would be a lifelong issue in circumstances where the child contracted HIV, it is the view of the court that it is not in the best interests of the child that the mother continue to breastfeed."

According to judge Myers, despite the mother testing negative to HIV, since the tattoos were obtained less than three months ago, there was still a chance that breastfeeding could expose the baby to HIV, reported The Telegraph.

According to the Australian Breastfeeding Association: "Getting tattoos increases the risk of infection. Bacterial infections can be transmitted during tattooing mainly as a result of contamination of the pigment used. Ensuring that pigments are single-use only can reduce this risk.

"Hepatitis B or C and HIV are serious viruses which can be transmitted if equipment for tattooing is not cleaned and sterilised properly between users. The main cause for concern out of these viruses for a breastfeeding mother is HIV because it is known to be able to be transmitted via breastmilk.

"Although the risk of infection from getting a tattoo is low, especially if done at a reputable parlour, it is a health risk which must be carefully assessed before a breastfeeding mother, or anyone for that matter, decides to get a tattoo."

While both of the baby's parents passed drug tests, it was revealed that both of them taken illegal drugs in the past.

The mother had also once taken cannabis while breastfeeding.