A video has been released showing the moment an orangutan escaped from its enclosure after climbing a fence and scaling a roof at Perth Zoo in Australia.

The amateur footage, filmed by a visitor to the zoo, shows the young ape run down a public footpath with a water bottle in its mouth, before clambering up a turnstile to use as a climbing frame.

The five-year-old Sumatran orangutan, named Teliti, was quickly rounded up by zookeepers who ushered her inside a secure holding area, before reuniting the ape with her mother Peteri.

Perth Zoo took to Twitter to announce the incident online. "Teliti our curious 5 yr old orang went for a stroll earlier she's now back with her family," they said.


Perth Zoo spokeswoman Danielle Henry told ABC News that the ape escape was "unusual behaviour".

"It's actually believed that Teliti jumped from her exhibit," she said. "That's a behaviour which is quite unusual for an orangutan. They would normally swing or climb, but jumping is quite an unusual behaviour.

"We think that she's actually utilised a shade sail within her exhibit to hoist herself up so we're conducting a full review at the moment."

Perth Zoo has since announced an investigation into the incident and review of its security is under way.