Hunt Family Massacre
The Hunt family were described as "solid" and "well-loved in the community."

Police in Australia have described the horrific death scene following the massacre of a mother and her three children.

Kim Hunt, 41, and her children Fletcher, 10, Mia, eight and Phoebe, six, were discovered shot dead at a remote farmhouse at a property near Wagga Wagga, in New South Wales on Tuesday. (9 September)

Emergency services were called to the farmhouse on Tuesday afternoon, after the alarm was raised when the children failed to turn up to school.

Police found the children's bodies inside the property and their mother lying dead on the path outside.

Kim's husband Geoff Hunt, had been reported missing since the bodies of his wife and children were discovered.

They were a highly regarded solid family. It will rock this town.
- Deputy Mayor Roger Schirmer

Divers have now confirmed they have found the body of a man, at a dam located not far from the family farmhouse.

Police said the body had injuries "not inconsistent" with wounds found on the woman and children. A gun was found on the dead man. It is understood police have also recovered a suicide note.

Describing the carnage of the death scene, officers said it was like nothing they had ever encountered before.

Wagga Wagga local area commander Superintendent Bob Noble commented: "I don't think even the most hardened professional could remain unmoved by what's out there. It's certainly not something I've encountered anything similar to before, and I hope not to ever again."

Supt Noble added that the Hunt family were well loved by the local community.

"It's going to send quite a shock wave through those communities and throughout the whole area," he said.

"These people were well integrated into the local community through work, through social events, through sport. Three young children attended the local school. It is going to devastate everyone."

The local parish priest, Father Tony Schipp, said nobody in town had suspected anything was amiss with Mr Hunt and there was no inkling of tensions within the family.

"He was happy. He was making arrangements for events that were coming up, that he was going to be part of," Father Schipp said.

The 900-strong town community is said to be in a state of shock following the brutal murders..

Deputy Mayor Roger Schirmer said: "They were a highly regarded solid family. It will rock this town."