Tinder and Grindr accused of rise STDs
Tinder is a dating application which connects people within a set distance Tinder

A woman has been allegedly gang-raped while she was on a date with a man she met on the dating app Tinder.

The woman, from New Zealand, met with the man in a restaurant in Sydney and then went with him to a bar where the pair joined some of his friends.

According to the police report, the woman started feeling dizzy and numb and she was taken to a property where she was allegedly sexually assaulted by a number of men.

The woman managed to leave the building the morning after and reported the alleged assault to the police, describing the man she met on Tinder as of Maori appearance.

Police started an investigation led by State Crime Command's Sex Crimes Squad.

"The vast majority of people who use dating websites and apps do so for the right reasons, but there are a number of sexual predators out there who use modern technology to find potential victims," Det Insp Michael Haddow said.

"We regularly remind people, children and parents in particular, that the use of the internet by sexual predators is an issue they need to be well aware of," he continued. "All those warnings we give to children are applicable to adults."

He added that people willing to meet someone they know only through dating apps should bring a friend along.

"It's absolutely vital that people using dating websites and apps remember that how a person portrays themselves on the internet can be very different from their real life persona.

"Having a friend there ensures that one of you can always keep an eye on your drink, and you have someone to turn to who can help you out should you feel threatened or uncomfortable."

Australian authorities already warned of the dangers of dating apps after a tourist from New Zealand was allegedly murdered after meeting a stranger on Tinder.