Mobile matchmaking app Tinder has announced the settlement of a sexual harassment case stemming from messages sent by co-founder Justin Mateen, in which he blasted "Muslim pigs" and called his colleague "a whore".

The wildly popular dating app saw a bitter rift emerge between its co-founders, Mateen and Whitney Wolfe - who also used to be lovers.

Mateen was suspended and later resigned from Tinder when explosive messages reportedly sent by him came to light.

They revealed furious exchanges via email and text message between him and Wolfe, in which Mateen reportedly called her "a gold digger" and a "whore".

He also told her he would "s**t on" a love rival and accused Wolfe of flirting with men.

Bringing a sexual harassment suit over the messages, Wolfe claimed they were: "Horrendously sexist, racist and otherwise inappropriate comments, emails and text messages."

She claimed elsewhere to have been stripped of co-founder status because there was a "frat-like" atmosphere at the company.

The suit has been resolved without either side admitting any wrongdoing, her lawyer said.

A spokesman said Wolfe was now "pleased to be able to focus her energy, talent and ideas on exciting new opportunities".