Sheryl Keen believes she has discovered several items which belonged to travellers on board the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. The 52-year-old Perth woman has teamed up with amateur investigator Blaine Gibson in hopes of finding clues that lead to the discovery of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight which vanished in March 2014.

Her latest find is a single slipper matching the one worn by a woman seen on CCTV at Kuala Lumpur airport, about to board MH370. Keen feels certain that the shoe belongs to the woman known as 'Cinderella'.

"What else could it be from?" Keen said in an interview with Daily Mail Australia.

"We're looking at a substantial amount of personal effects which all alike, are all in similar condition, similar deterioration and all found along the same stretch of Riake beach in Madagascar.

"And it's in an area that an oceanographer said people should go look for things."

The chairwoman of Air Crash Support Group Australia has a total of 20 damaged items including handbags, clothing, computer cases, wallets and a baseball cap, which she believes all belonged to passengers on the vanished plane.

Keen added: "The lady in the picture appears to us to be wearing the slippers with white socks,

"They're a Japan airline towelling slipper that you wear indoors and they aren't very big, no bigger than a size eight ladies."

However, the Malaysian government refused to take the items, saying they were not from MH370, Keen told Perth Now.

Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas said Malaysia's lack of interest in searching for MH370-linked debris was "deeply troubling".

He added: "Some of the stuff they have been finding has been incredibly important in confirming we are looking in the right general area."

Search vessel MV Fugro Equator is conducting a last "deep dive" of sea ravines in an area 3,000km south-west of Perth this week. When the 120,000km sq search zone is fully explored by February 2017, under an agreement between Australia, Malaysia and China approved in July, if there is no "credible new evidence", the search will be called off.