After the Legend of Korra finale, fans of the Avatar are eagerly waiting for some more action from from the bending world and the latest addition of the 'The Last Airbender' comic series will exactly offer that. At least this is what is being promised the writer Gene Yang.

The three-part graphic novel series titled Smoke and Shadow and will release on 23 September this year, according to a Movie Pilot report.

Smoke and Shadow, the latest addition to the Avatar comic series will begin from where The Rift ended and the upcoming novel will allow fans to learn more about Fire Lord Zuko and his ex girlfriend Mai.

"The story will begin with Zuko bringing his mom and his mom's family back to the Fire Nation for the first time since the end of the show. It actually ties in to the Free Comic Book Day story from two years ago – the very first one that we did – which was focused on Mai, Zuko's ex-girlfriend," writer Gene Yang told Movie Pilot.

"Mai discovers that her father is the head of this secret society that's bent on removing Zuko from the throne. It's called the New Ozai Society, and they will be the focal point of the first book. It'll be all about how Zuko deals with rebellion and this group, the New Ozai Society, that's bent on getting him off the throne," he added.

The series will focus on the Fire Nation and a segment of the population that is not too happy with the rule of Fire Lord Zuko.

The website also suggested that after Legend of Korra concluded its on Nickelodeon, chances are high for a TV series for The Last Airbender: Smoke and Shadow.

The Avatar novel series consists of trilogies including The Promise, The Search and The Rift.