Joss Whedon
Avengers: Age of Ultron could mark Joss Whedon's departure from Marvel Studio's movies Reuters

Looks like the upcoming two-part superhero flick, Avengers: Age of Ultron could be director Joss Whedon's last film with Marvel Studios.

This development is reportedly confirmed via certain email exchanges leaked from the recent Sony hack attack.

In one such email, Captain America: The Winter Soldier co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo confirm to Sony Entertainment Chairman Amy Pascal that they will be directing Avengers: Infinity Wars Parts 1 and 2, reports Inquisitr.

If the Russo brothers are taking over the directorial mantle of Avengers from Whedon after Age of Ultron, then clearly Whedon won't be directing any more Marvel films, speculates the report.

Whedon also hinted earlier that, "Avengers: Age of Ultron might just be his last turn as a director for Marvel. And now this released email seems to clinch it," adds the report.

However, SuperheroFeed reports rumours that The Avengers director could either be involved in the writing, producing, or both of the Avengers: Infinity Wars films.

No official statements or announcements regarding the director's plans have been made as yet.

Whedon has been an integral part in shaping Marvel's Cinematic Universe. Apart from putting The Avengers together and making it one of the biggest hits of all time, the director has significantly contributed to the standalone superhero Marvel films.