After Marvel announced Captain America 3: Civil War, which will feature a clash between Iron Man and Captain America, rumours of Iron Man 4 completely died down.

But actor Robert Downey Jr has yet again teased the possibility of a fourth iron man film by posting this image on his Facebook page, captioned: "So...would the next one just be a shot of my chest hair?"

Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr\'s latest Facebook post robertdowneyjr/facebook

This led to a series of comments from fans asking what he means by "next one" and speculating whether Iron Man 4 is in the works.

But with Marvel's plans set out through to 2019 and no sign of an Iron Man 4, it looks like RDJ may just be teasing fans here, reports Flickering Myth.

However, there's no reason why the studio execs wouldn't want to explore the possibility, after their Phase 3 films are done and over with.

After all, earlier this year, RDJ did say that he's doing Iron Man 4 before saying that it's not happening in a subsequent interview (below). He also revealed that he plans to be associated with Marvel for a long time.