Video obtained from onboard a British Airways flight shows the moment the jet was forced to make an emergency landing at Heathrow airport on Friday (May 24).

The amateur video also shows passengers on the runway after leaving the plane. Passengers can also be seen exiting the plane using emergency slides.

An unnamed passenger said that the "right-hand engine appeared to catch fire as the plane descended through the clouds but it went out after ten to fifteen seconds".

The same passenger filmed the left-hand engine as the plane landed but that engine did not appear to have smoke coming from it, although a cover was raised.

The plane was travelling from London to Oslo and was forced to make an emergency landing at Heathrow after a technical fault in an engine.

The Airbus A319 aircraft was carrying 75 passengers.

The airport, Europe's busiest, closed both its runways to deal with the incident, but one has since re-opened.

A spokesman for the London fire brigade, which attended the incident, said they believed the fire was now out

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