Baahubali, a two-part epic fantasy movie by writer and director S S Rajamouli, is creating box office history, not only in India but across the continents.

Baahubali, which means the one with strong arms, is touted as the priciest movie in the history of Indian cinema and has been shattering box office records since its premiere last weekend.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the Telugu-language film, which was made on a budget of $39m (£25m), is winning over the international box office by earning above $3m during its first weekend.

In spite of 236 screen limited releases, the movie has secured the 11th position at the US box office.

So what made the movie an epic blockbuster? Rajamouli's magnum opus became a game changer for the Indian movie industry by raising the bar for special effects, with a perfect cast ensemble and a gripping mythological script.

The Indian film also has a specially created language spoken by the tribals among whom the mighty prince is raised.

This reminds one of the Elvish language of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy which was a vital part of the Perter Jackson movies.

With classic cinematography and excellent visual effects, the blockbuster movie not only brings the Telugu film industry into the spotlight over the dominant Bollywood, it also sets a fair competition before the sky-high budgeted Hollywood fantasy and super-hero movies which splurge billions of dollars only on marketing.

The first part of the movie talks about the valour of an Indian prince (played by Prabhas) who grows in the wilderness after his mother flees from the royal traitors in order to save the heir.

The war scenes with its stunning visual effects are reminiscent of the movie 300 with Gerard Butler as the Spartan king.

Whether it is emerging bare-chested from a waterfall scene or lifting a two-tonne boulder, Telugu actor Prabhas has never missed a chance to flex his well-toned body, reminding one of Butler's during King Leonidas' ferocious fights against the Persian god-king Xerxes in 300.

Originally shot in the south Indian languages of Telugu and Tamil the movie has been dubbed in five other languages including Hindi and French. The plot that weaves around a typical cocktail of Indian mythology, revenge and good triumphing over evil is winning hearts over internationally.