A 17-month-old baby was found to have cocaine and cannabis in his body when he was killed by his mother's drug dealer boyfriend, it has been claimed. Baby Finley Thomas had been exposed to the illegal drugs by his mother, Chloe Thomas, and her boyfriend Sean Buckley in Tonypandy, South Wales before he died.

Finley was allegedly battered to death by 28-year-old Buckley who had run up drug debts whilst dealing in cocaine and cannabis. It was said that Chloe Thomas, 25, had also become addicted to drugs as well as diazepam while dating her boyfriend.

Buckley is standing trial for murder at Cardiff Crown Court while they both deny cruelty to a young person under 16. During the trial jurors heard how a post mortem examination on the baby's body showed his body was contaminated with drugs.

Prosecuting Roger Thomas told the court according to the Mirror: "These two people were responsible for the care and upbringing of this child. Allowing him to suffer drug contamination is evidence of a lack of care and a lack of concern amounting to neglect."

Toxicology results taken from the pair showed they had used drugs in the lead up to Finley's death in September 2014. Buckley is accused of using a collapsible chair found in the couple's garden to kill the baby.

The crown says that the meshing on the chair matched up with marks found on the baby's head. Mr Thomas added: "The death was caused by Buckley on a defenceless 17-month-old child, with what we claim was quite senseless violence, by shaking him and forcing him against a chair.

"We submit there was great tension in the household, over money, tension between each other over Buckley's habits, and claims about other women. Tensions had exploded. Chloe Thomas came out of the house and the only other person left is the crying child."

The court heard how doctors discovered evidence of previous bleeds and injuries to Finley's head and spine which were consistent with "non accidental injury".