A father of two has been jailed for 14 years after he battered a "bright, happy" two-year-old girl, causing 30 injuries and leaving her severely disabled for life.

Nisar Ali, 34, of Manchester, flew into an "inhumane rage" with the child after her mother asked him to look after her briefly on 11 January.

For reasons unknown Ali lost his temper with the baby in a park and then took her to his parent's house, where shook and beat her violently.

Doctors said her injuries were of a degree that would be expected from a 70mph car crash or being dropped from a two-storey building.

After the savage beating he took her back to her mother's house in Rochdale without saying a word about the attack and pretended to be ignorant when the mother realised she was badly injured.

The child collapsed and was rushed to Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, where a piece of her skull was removed to relieve the pressure on her brain.

"This is a grave crime, the evidence which the jury heard provided a chilling insight into your character and sense of morality and humanity, said Judge Tina Landale, passing sentence at Minshull Street Crown Court, as reported by The Mirror.

"Before this incident the child you injured was a very bright, delightful, happy child with all of her future ahead of her. She had a loving family, a devoted father, a loving sister, a wider extended family," she added.

Ali, of Cheetham Hill, protested his innocence but was shown to be manipulative and short-tempered by the prosecution.

He had collected the child from the mother's house and was only expected to look after it for ten minutes. It is not clear what relationship he bore to the mother.

The mother, 35, was acquitted of causing or allowing serious harm to a child at separate hearing earlier this year.

Doctors said the girl would likely grow up with brain injuries that gave her the appearance of being a stroke victim.

Her father, who is separated from her mother, told the court about the moment he set eyes on her after the attack.

He said: "My daughter was lying there lifeless I couldn't believe my eyes. I looked at the bruise on her right forehead. I had to leave early because it was snowing. The nurse said she was very critical and by the time I came back she might not be here."