The mother of a baby girl trusted her friend, Amber Nicole Vannatter, with her child when she went to work in Indiana, United States. Instead of taking care of the baby, the woman physically abused her before returning her to the mother on Friday, August 14. An investigation led to the arrest of the babysitter who admitted to causing harm. She has been charged with multiple offences and remains in police custody with her bond set at $60k (£46k). The child suffered serious injuries and will have scarring even after she heals.

The unnamed child was left under the care of the 20-year-old woman in Muncie. The mother went to work around 3 pm local time. While she was at work her friend came with the baby around 9:30 pm local time and dropped the child off. The friend claimed that the baby had been bleeding from the mouth.

The panicked mother rushed the child to Ball Memorial Hospital after she was dropped off. At the hospital, the police were informed of suspected child abuse. It was revealed that the baby had several injuries.

According to The Sun, the child had a broken wrist, mouth injuries, burns surrounding the injuries, and multiple abrasion to the torso and legs. Her injuries can cause permanent scarring.

Police questioned the mother, who has not been named due to legal reasons, about the child's injuries. She told the police that the child was under the care of Vannatter all day. This led to the police questioning the child abuse suspect. Initially, the babysitter gave multiple excuses for the injuries.

The Fort Wayne resident who had been visiting the child's mother finally told the investigators that she had held the child's body and face against the belt of a running treadmill. According to USA Today, the child was then burnt using a cigarette lighter. The child also reportedly fell off of a table after the abuser put her on top of it.

She told the police that she was depressed after having a fight with her former partner. At the same time, the child's cries enraged her even further, leading to her actions.

Vannatter was arrested at around 4 am local time on Saturday, August 15. She has been charged with three counts of battery and three counts of neglect of a dependent. While she awaits trial, she will be held at Delaware County Jail with bond set at $60k (£46k).

baby picture
Babysitter pushed baby's face against running treadmill and burnt her with a lighter. (representational image) Janko Ferlič/ Unsplash