Bailey Gwynne
Bailey Gwynne died after being stabbed in the chest at Aberdeen's Cults Academy school Polcie Scotland

A 16-year-old boy who stabbed teenager Bailey Gwynne to death at a school in Aberdeen has been jailed for nine years. The killer, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was cleared of murder but convicted of the less serious charge of culpable homicide after stabbing Bailey, also 16, in the chest during a fight in October 2015.

During a trial at Aberdeen's High Court, the jury heard how a "trivial" row over biscuits escalated into a physical argument, which left to Gwynne getting stabbed. He was taken to Aberdeen's Royal Infirmary Hospital, but died later of his injuries.

The killer admitted stabbing Gwynne but denied murder. While being arrested, he told police it was "just a moment of anger", adding: "I didn't mean to but I stabbed him."

He was also found guilty of two possession of knives or bladed instruments and possession of two knuckledusters without reasonable excuse or lawful authority. He will serve the start of his sentence at a young offender institution until he is an adult.

The teenager said he was able to purchase the knife he used to kill Gwynne on Amazon, as he was able to get round age verification laws to purchase weapons. He told police he brought the knife into school in order to "look cool, act confident, act tough". Upon sentencing, Judge Lady Stacey told the teenager: "If you had not carried a knife, the exchange of insults between you and Bailey Gwynne would have led at worst to a fist fight... and certainly not loss of life."

"Nothing that I can say nor any sentence that I impose will do anything to lessen the grief that Bailey Gwynne's family and friends feel. The shock of the death at such a young age was felt in the wider community; nothing I can say or do can alleviate that."

Following the guilty verdict, Gwynne's mother, Kate Gwynne, described her son as a "sweet boy with a big dream". She added: "A boy who was never happier than when chilling out with his friends and his dog after a session in the gym.

"The boy who would carry his brothers to the top on a hill walk when their own legs failed them, who dutifully cut the grass for his dad or rescued his Nonna's shopping and the boy who would come with me on an evening run just to keep me company in the dark even though he could finish it in half the time. We will always be immensely proud that Bailey is our son. We now need time and space to come to terms with what has happened and to continue to care for our family and those dear to Bailey."