Video shot on a mobile phone on 17 August, captured the moment of the explosion outside a Hindu shrine in Bangkok where 22 people were killed and 123 wounded. The footage, filmed by a Chinese tourist from an overpass approximately 100m away, showed fire and chaos following a loud bang as the blast took place.

Officials have not blamed any group for the bombing at the Erawan Shrine, which the government called a bid to destroy the economy. No one has claimed responsibility. Three Chinese were among the dead, China's official Xinhua news agency said. Two Hong Kong residents, two people from Malaysia and one person from the Philippines also died, officials said. Scores of people were wounded, including many from China and Taiwan.

Prime minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha told reporters there were "still anti-government groups out there" but gave no further details. Prayuth said the attack, which took place during rush hour in the capital's bustling commercial hub, was unprecedented in Thailand.