Neo-Nazi group National Action, who became the first British far-right group to be banned by the government under new terrorism laws, is set to relaunch under a new name, according to reports.

The group, described as a "racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic organisation" by Home Secretary Amber Rudd, are planning an imminent rebranding under new name the National Socialist Network, reports the Hope Not Hate charity.

The new group is being set up by Ben Raymond, a former leading member of National Action who hopes to create a "nationalist revolution". A website for the group has reportedly already been registered in Panama.

The move to recreate a new group away from National Action follows on from the government making it will be illegal for anyone to recruit for it, be a member of, or in any way support National Action, including displaying National Action flags, posters or banners.

The group previously garnered attention in 2015 after staging a series of "White Man Marches" in UK cities and for praising the murder of Labour MP Jop Cox by white Nationalist Thomas Mair

Speaking to IBTimes UK following the government ban in December 2016, Raymond described his plan to recreate a new group as National Action as a brand is "not a hill any of us are willing to die on".

He added: "If you are asking if the ban will prevent our former supporters from continuing political activity then obviously not ... People who were in National Action knew what it meant to face heavy adversity."

Matthew Collins, Research Director at Hope Not Hate, said: "We have always been concerned that those behind National Action posed a very real danger when it came to influencing young people. Ben Raymond, we believe, helped push people to the very edges of terrorism before pulling himself back and allowing others to be trapped by their stupidity.

"We have also long held concern about the sexualised nature of the group and its attitude towards things like the use of rape as punishment. A look into the 'interests' of Raymond has done little to dissuade us of that."