A football hooligan who was banned from attending matches in the UK after punching a goalkeeper has been filmed brawling at a game in Austria, according to the Sun.

Aaron Cawley, 24, was captured throwing kicks and punches in a mass brawl in Salzburg, Austria, despite being banned for life from attending Leeds United games.

Cawley, from Cheltenham, shot to notoriety when he ran onto the pitch and punched former England goalkeeper Chris Kirkland in the face during a league game between Sheffield United and Leeds United in 2012.

He was also imprisoned for four months and given a six-year football banning order preventing him from attending any match in the UK and from travelling abroad to watch England in any international competitions, the Sun reported.

However, because of a loophole in the order, police are powerless to stop him from travelling to Leeds' overseas friendly games.

The fight between the British and Austrian football hooligans was filmed. Source: Ultras Nation/Youtube

Riot after loss

The Leeds United fan was filmed fighting alongside rioting fans of the Elland Road club after his club lost 2-1 to German side Eintracht Frankfurt on Tuesday.

The father of one was filmed topless, taunting Frankfurt fans before launching a violent attack on the retreating opposition fans.

Cawley, who is recognisable by a Leeds United football club tattoo on his neck, throws a number of punches and kicks before being forced to retreat after receiving a powerful blow from an opposing rival.

Stewards can be seen trying to stop the melee, but are outnumbered by the battling hooligans.

Before setting off to the friendly match in Austria, Cawley was boasting about winning £200 by betting on horse racing, which he spent on getting a taxi to the airport to fly to Austria for the game, the Sun said.

An unnamed source told the newspaper: "He was bragging on Facebook that he won a load of money on the horses and that he paid £200 to get to the airport to go out for the game.

"He was saying that's how dedicated he is to Leeds.

"But since the pictures came out of the fighting over in Austria he has deleted his Facebook and is ****ing himself because he knows he's going to get caught. He's well known among the worst fans.

"He goes to York a lot and hangs out with the other supporters.

"When he's out his chat-up line is that he's famous for punching that goalie — it's pathetic really.

"What he did in Austria is not right. He shouldn't be carrying on like that. He gives the club a bad name.

"He thinks he's hard because he punched the goalkeeper and did time in jail, but he's just an idiot."

History of violence

Cawley is no stranger to trouble.

In 2014, he was charged with breeching his banning order after he failed to submit his passport before the World Cup in Brazil.

Cawley was jailed for taking his family and friends' cars illegally and stealing £1,000-worth of petrol.

He was also given a 12-month suspended sentence in October 2013 over a scam against supermarket giant Tesco, worth £20,000.

Two months later, he admitted to assaulting two women in Cheltenham after barging one victim into a shop window then slapping her friend.

During that hearing it emerged Cawley had notched up 24 previous convictions for 43 offences.

Police in Salzburg arrested 25 people after the brawl, including three Leeds supporters.

UK police said that they were looking into the allegations against Cawley.

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said to the Sun: "Officers will work closely with colleagues in West Yorkshire and Gloucestershire to ensure that this matter is responded to appropriately."