FC Barcelona still have a lot of hurdles to overcome if they want to successfully register their new signings this summer. Despite being massively in debt, the Catalan giants surprised the football world by being the biggest spenders in the current transfer window. Due to a number of manoeuvres that brought in an influx of cash, they were under the impression that they had done enough to be able to satisfy La Liga's financial fair play regulations. However, the league has other ideas.

Apparently, there is a "difference in interpretation of accounts." According to recent reports, Barcelona have logged a total of €667m in income this summer after selling future TV rights as well as a portion of their media production arm, Barca Studios.

If their calculations are considered, they should just barely be able to balance their accounts enough to be able to register star signings like Robert Lewandowski, Jules Kounde and Raphinha. However, they were slapped by a dose of reality.

Unfortunately for the club, the entirety of that amount is not being considered by La Liga. As far as the league is concerned, Barcelona has only raised €517m. There is a difference of €150m compared to the club's tally due to capital gains. This amount represents the increase in a capital asset's value or the profit made on an asset.

According to radio broadcaster Cadena Cope, La Liga has not included capital gains in their calculations, therefore leaving Barcelona significantly short. The first thing that will be affected is their ability to register their new signings.

Because of this new development, reports emerged stating that Barcelona are approaching veterans Gerard Pique and Sergio Busquets in the hopes of convincing them to accept pay cuts.

Even if they agree, the club may need to sell even more assets in order to finally get their finances in order.

Joan Laporta
Joan Laporta introduced Jules Kounde as a Barcelona player and said the club had continued its drive to raise cash by selling a stake in media arm Barca Studio AFP / Pau BARRENA