Members of a girl gang from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria have been jailed after they posted a video on Snapchat in which they sexually humiliated a man.

The amateur footballer met the women at a bar on 28 November 2015 and went back to one of their apartments where he was plied with vodka till he passed out. The assailants then went on to strip him.

In the video, gang leader Brogan Gillard, 26, Paige Cunningham, 22, and Shannon Jones, 20, danced around their naked victim.

They used a pair of scissors they cut his hair and suggested using them to sexually assault him. They also peeled vegetables over his body and touched him inappropriately.

Gillard also boasted on Facebook that she used carrots and onions in the assault of the 19-year-old.

The video was circulated extensively before coming to the attention of the victim's girlfriend.

The three women pleaded guilty to sexual assault and on 26 January, Preston Crown Court Judge Graham Knowles gave Gillard a 31-month prison sentence. Cunningham received 10 months. Jones will be sentenced at a later date. All three will be made to sign the sex offenders' register.

"I sentence three people for glorifying in the humiliation and degradation of a fellow human being," said Judge Knowles, describing the video and images as "profoundly disturbing".

"The purpose of the defendants is to demean and humiliate for their own entertainment at the time. They found it amusing as the video clearly shows. He was at their mercy. They had none," he added.

The victim woke up the next morning outside his mother's house and was immediately taken to a hospital.

The man cannot be identified for legal reasons.