Barry Ford and Craig McKellar
Ford and McKellar were jailed today for offenses dating back to the 1980s (North Wales Police)

A father and son have been jailed for a combined 28 years for raping women and children while working in charity shops.

Barry Ford, 64, and Craig McKellar, 31, were jailed for 18 and 10 years respectively at Mold Crown Court, for a total of nine rapes and 14 counts of sexual assault dating back 30 years.

The duo, from Colwyn Bay, north Wales, used their victims as "sexual objects" and took advantage of children and young vulnerable women.

Ford was found guilty of six counts of rape and 10 of sexual assault. His son was jailed for three counts of rape and four of sexual assault.

Judge Rhys Rowlands praised the courage of the victims, who came forward last year to North Wales Police.

Both men previously worked at charity shops and Ford had been a representative for Avon, a cosmetic company. The court heard how he would make his victims wear make-up and perfume.

They also heard how McKellar was corrupted at a young age by his father, and committed sex attacks as a child but was not prosecuted for them.

The judge said: "Fortunately, it is rare in the extreme for a court to have to deal with two men, a father and son, who between them have inflicted untold misery and anguish on others."

Speaking to Ford, he said: "Had your son had a normal upbringing, with a decent individual for a father who knew how to behave, then it may be that he would not be standing alongside you today.

"[McKellar had] a truly dreadful start in life and was shown no sort of example by his father."

Psychological damage

One of the pair's victims was driven to prostitution in order to pay for an abortion after being raped.

Judge Rowlands continued: "They were assaulted, used as sexual objects. It is beyond the comprehension of right thinking people that anybody could behave in the way that you did towards these victims."

Complaints had been made about Ford in the Midlands in the 1980s but he was not prosecuted. The judge said Ford thought he had gotten away with it and continued committing sexual offences.

Ford denied all the charges. However, after two separate charges he was convicted. McKellar admitted the charges against him.

Andrew Green, defending McKellar, said his client will need specialist counselling in prison to recover from the psychological damage caused by his father.

Simon Mintz, defending Ford, asked the judge to consider his age and life expectancy when sentencing; Ford will be 82 before he has completed his jail term.

Following the hearing, detective constable Paul Jones said: "This has been a complex investigation which has involved several victims of all ages, living in different parts of the country.

"Ford, who was found guilty of these offences, has shown no remorse for his crimes, putting the victims and witnesses through the ordeal of a court trial."