Batman Arkham Knight
Batman: Arkham Knight returns to PCs on 28 October, 2015 Warner Bros Interactive

Batman: Arkham Knight is set to make a comeback to the PC platform. The patched game will be released as early as 28 October beginning 10 am PDT.

Announcing the update officially, Warner Bros has stated that in-game content, playable by console owners, will be released to PCs via an additional patch. This means that gamers should get to experience newer aspects such as Big Head mode, Photo mode, character section in combat AR challenges and the Asylum Batman Skin.

The updates, in a single patch, will also be released on 28 October along with the improved PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. The game's PC version was pulled down in June 2015 owing to glitches and performance issues.

With the newest version of Batman: Arkham Knight ready for deployment, gamers (including those in possession of Season Pass) should be able to unlock and check out newer intuitive in-game content such as AR Challeneges, Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #2, Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #3, Batmobile Race Tracks, Arkham Episodes Story Packs, newer skins and Batmobiles.

Gamers can check out Batman: Arkham Knight 2.0 and let us know whether the game is still buggy. The PS4 and Xbox One editions of the Rocksteady Studios game have worked without issues after their release.